James (j_schnitter) wrote,

The Formula

I saw The Formula a few nights ago and I was really surprised with it, it explains my frustration with the system, in the end when the cop and the business man sit down. And you wish that all the human morals and values to take care for people, but then you face the reality that "Money, not morality, is the principle commerce of civilized nations". ~ Thomas Jefferson

This is very true, i mean this is what the basics of civilization are based upon, the exchange of goods and services of other goods and services. It makes me feel better to complain about corporate America with my dad, and a bit grateful that I am going to be in the military and government. I wish that a Theodore Roosevelt were to appear on the political stage and help clear this mess of a system we have in the U.S.

I hate this too because I feel that the American people are being fooled and subverted by politicians and the media to care about abortion, gay marriage, the war (not to brush it off but in 5 years we have only lost 4000 soldiers compared to Vietnam not to mention that WE sign up to possibly DIE, if I die it sucks for me but it is what i signed up to do is it not?), and the report about trace amounts of arsenic in the water, soy giving you dementia, and how good no child left behind is. When the air you breathe is probably much more of a health risk, companies only have to pay the damage not the clean up cost of their illegal dumping, and using their influence to quash their damages in other countries. I hate how the insanely high college education costs get blamed on the bad economy, and it worries me if i have a kid how will I pay to put them through college, and even worse what to do when it is time go to school when billy the retard is getting all the attention in the class, it's not cultivating the minds of the smarter children who are going to be in charge of the country, all of this just makes me really question do I want to have kids or not. And there is no way Mr. Smith can fix it all, the people are too entrenched, but the system is still one of the best out there, we just need to smarten up, and people do not want to, thanks to the TV and Internet. Anyway I am just really sick of the modern synthesis.

Anyway I recommend to anyone to watch The Formula.
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