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About Hippies and Thoughts on God [so far]

My real issue with hippies are the crazy ones thinking they can talk to dolphins or are reincarnated trees, I mean total fantasy land. Plus i get demonically gleeful when I see hippies resort to violence, they just prove their own point that love can not work on its own. And that is mostly why I can not stand hippies, love does not fix everything, everything does not revolve around "love" and that's the way the word has and always will be, cold with some small flickers of light. I would like to see a world full of peace and all but it just is never going to happen, and the sooner you mourn that that is the way thing are always going to be the sooner you can hope the small shed of light you could provide someone who deserves it to maybe still have hope. But I can not stand the idea that love is the answer to everything, because it is not.

Anyway that is really my big problem with hippies, and I could say more but I am just going to leave it there.

Recently I have begun to put hope into a personal idea of God. Just some source of hope that we are not going to blow ourselves off the face of earth, that he gave the chemical stew the spark of life some two billion years ago or so. Maybe he (and I am not being sexist it is because the grammatical gender of the word is masculine, do not bitch to me because English is "sexist" that is just part of the formal rules of language in general) is an inspiration that separates humanity from animals. I just need someone to hope to and think that there is a purpose and meaning to living a good life not hurting other people. Granted I probably have caused some trauma to quite a few people, I can never be certain. Anyway at this time I am not sure I can say I am much of a christian but it is how I was raised, so please do not attack me if I decide to identify myself as such.

And I will say I was wrong in making assumptions and stereotypes of hippies, but everyone does of some other group, not to say it is right because it will burn you. But the left and right do this all the time and I can stand it from neither side, and both are in their own little fantasy lands that makes me want to cry for our country. I am afraid that we are headed to a path of suicide from straight of insanity for causes for everything from animals and the environment to business and morality, when will practical protection every prevail again. And please argue with me (on this paragraph) so I can specify.
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